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2001 - Current

"He has a very strong interest in architectural design ... It's several notches above a typical developer. He has a very broad range of architectural styles, from classical to totally modern."
- National Post, February 21, 2004

"... Shane Baghai the man has become a brand. You wear an Armani suit, drive a Jaguar and ultimately aspire to live in a Baghai home... There are always certain things you expect from a Shane Baghai home, and that is his preference for classical language of architecture, his use of fine materials and detailing that give the home excellence," says Larry Richards, dean of the University of Toronto's school of architecture... Ricards, the architecture dean, says what impresses him most about Baghai is his openness to new ideas. "Who knows what the next few years will bring. Look what he did just moving from big homes to condominiums. He seems constantly hungry for new ideas and direction, and he has a huge interest in design that he is constantly applying to his projects..."
- Toronto Star, Business, August 9, 2002

2000 and Earlier

"When Shane Baghai brought his first mid-rise condo to the market at Avondale and Yonge St. and Highway 401 in mid September, it sold out in three hours."
- Toronto star, New in Homes, November 11, 2000

"For the past 16 years Baghai has built up a reputation for building luxury homes that stand out on a street the same way that a Porsche or Mercedes does on a parking lot."
- Toronto star, New in Homes, August 17, 1991